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Crystals &Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation



Come for relaxation, meditation and inner journey

 Sharing the Light Wholistic Center LLC 
395 West Avon Road
Avon, CT

     Thursday, September 19, 2019
      6:30 pm – 7:45 pm

             Donation: $20 if pre-paid; $25 at the door

Ilona’s guided meditation will help you fall into a deep relaxation state, with the sounds of the beautiful crystal bowls. During the meditation you may either sit on a chair or lay down on a mat.  After the meditation, we do individual vibrational sessions on a massage table. As your body begin to sense the vibrations of the bowl, each organ, each cell become aware of the several different vibrations in the bowl. Your body pause to drink the sound vibrations, until it will resonate. It works on three different levels; physical, emotional and spiritual. Your physical body will be touched, your mind will quiet down. Your emotions will be touched, old feelings might rise to the surface to be expressed. This is a chance to work on old issues. The energy blocks, expressed as pain, may be broken up and moved down and out of the body, giving you relief. Your spiritual body will be touched. Often people experience a sense of warmth in their heart chakra, a sense of love, a sense of Oneness, a sense of wonder.

To sign up, contact Ilona at 860-604-3885, Ilona@reflexenergyhealing.comor Sharing the Light Wholistic Center 860-936-0012. To pre-pay, you may use a Paypal account or send a check or stop by at Sharing the Light. Walk-ins are welcomed, but make sure to check with us before you come to see if the class is still on.  If no one registers or pre-pays, we might cancel the class.


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