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What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is an ancient form of healing. It is a subtle and powerful way to support balance, health and well-being. Our bodies are made up of energy and there is a field of energy that surrounds our bodies. There are seven layers to that field, and seven major centers (chakras) where we exchange energy with the universal energy field. The chakras each have emotional, spiritual and physical properties that can be addressed and healed through this process. Energy Healing uses specifics techniques in the manner energy is sent to the recipient.


Barbara Brennan Healing Energy Science

Brennan Healing Science is an advanced form of energy healing created by Dr. Barbara Ann Brennan. Barbara worked as a physicist with NASA when she began an extensive personal healing journey that eventually led her to write Hands of Light and open the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in 1982. The school is a college based in Florida recognized by the Florida Commission for Independent Education. With Brennan Healing Science, universal energy is channeled and made available to the client by laying the hands on the body's energy centers and joints. Throughout the 4-year program, the healer undergoes extensive personal transformation work and therapy to clear his energy field and allow deep contact with clients. The healer learns to develop High Sense Perception (HSP) and is able to perceive the energy field; which helps to "diagnose" what is going on for the client from an energetic perspective. Over 50 techniques are learned to repair, restructure, charge and clear the energy field. The healer learns to work on the aura (energy field) dimension but also works on deeper dimensions of intention and essence. The program teaches the psycho-dynamics of relationships, early wounding and character defenses systems as well as personal development skills.

The Energy Field

The Dimension of the Universal and Human Energy Fields

The Universal Energy Field (UEF) is made up of universal energy. This energy has commonly been referred to as Vital Energy, Chi, Ki or Prana. This energy has consciousness and nurtures all living things and all matter. This energy permeates the universe and interconnects all things. Brennan gives a comprehensive history of references to the UEF. The Human Energy Field (HEF), commonly known as the aura is that part of the UEF that is intimately connected to human life. It is the level where an energetic framework exists upon which the physical world rests. On this level, energy and consciousness cannot be separated. The energy field is a template for the physical body and is the vehicle for all psychosomatic reactions. The aura defines our personality and how we interact with others in relationships and groups. Disease and dis-ease appear first in the energy field before they appear in the physical world. Therefore, they can be treated by working with the energy field. The HEF is made up of chakras and levels (commonly referred to as energy or etheric bodies).


Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel. Chakras act as funnels, which spin and collect the energy from the UEF and metabolize it for use by our body. Each chakra nourishes endocrine glands and specific organs and each chakra also governs a psychodynamic function. As an example, the 5th chakra nourishes the vocal and breathing apparatus, the thyroid gland and the alimentary canal. In addition, this chakra influences how we are able to express ourselves, our ability to ask for what we need, our ability to receive and our sense of self in society. There are 7 main chakras located close to the human body, and many other secondary chakras. The locations of the 7 main chakras correspond closely to that of the endocrine glands. In the vertical plane, there is one chakra located at the head (crown chakra) and another at the perineum (root chakra). There are 5 others located in the horizontal plane, one each at the 3rd eye, the throat, the heart, the solar plexus and the pelvis. Each of the chakras on the horizontal plane has a front (A) and a rear aspect (B).

Chakra Groups and Modifiers

In general, the front aspects of the chakras relate to our Emotions, the back aspects to our Will and the head chakras to our Reason. These groupings are referred to as Modifiers because as a group, they influence or modify our relationship to our reality. The major and minor modifiers represents which of these each individual tends to use most or least in interacting with his or her reality.

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