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  • I have known Ilona for many years as a healer. She has many holistic gifts to offer anyone seeking healing & balance in their life. She has a gentle and comfortable presence providing you with a positive environment to feel at peace. Her services will guarantee to make you feel lighter bringing the body to a homeostasis state and awareness. I always receive such clarity after a session.

    Reiki Master, Certified Reflexologist

    Newington, CT

  • I never had a healing session before, so I was a little bit skeptical about it, but I had an open mind and I trusted Ilona. She used the BEMER during the session; the light music; the aroma from the Sai Baba’s incense, and the essential oil put me in the right frame of mind as I was lying on the massage table. She asked me to breathe and keep my focus on that. As she started to work on me, I felt a deep calmness come over me and it seemed like I went to another place, a place I never been before. I felt the energy moving and as I looked up, I saw her tears were coming down. After the session she told me about her visions and what she felt during the session. It was amazing experience on the soul level and I am looking forward to my next session with Ilona again.


    Terryville, CT

  • Ilona brings a strong healing energy to her reflexology work. I facilitate a form of healing work called Family Constellations. When Ilona does reflexology with me before I facilitate, I find myself to be both grounded and connected to the field in a greater way than when she doesn't work on me. Ilona is a gifted healer, well trained in multiple healing disciplines. I recommend her very strongly.

    Barry Gordon

    Founder and Director of the CT Healing Institute         

  • Ilona is a gifted and compassionate light worker. Her skill and intuition guide each Reiki session exactly where it needs to go. I always leave a healing session with Ilona more centered, relaxed, and in peace. I have total admiration for the dedication Ilona has in bringing healing to not only her clients but all she touch.


      Rita Caldon

      Energy Medicine Practitioner, Reiki  

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