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Introducing a 21st century health promotion device,

VITALMOBIL that is close at hand at any time!

US Representative, Ilona Havrilla

Price: $1,000

Programs include:

Sleep - Deep Sleep, Refreshing Nap, Sleep Disorders

Beauty- Anti-Age, Cellulite, Skin Regeneration, Weight Loss

Sports – After Sports, Before Sports, During Sports, Muscles,

Performance, Physical Labor

Learning - Brain Work, Concentration, Language Learning, Memory,


Body Care - Bones, Detoxification, Digestive, For Children, For Men,

For Women, Immune System, Lymphatic System, Optimizing Body

Stress - Meditation, Mental Hygiene, Mood Improvement, Relaxation, Schumann-Resonance, Sedation, Well-Being

Health - Cold & Flu, Digestion, Ear & Hearing, Fever, Herpes, Join Inflammation, Pain, Pollen Allergies, Smoking, Sunstroke

A revolutionary step towards health promotion!

Do you have trouble falling asleep, or not being able to sleep a full night? Or do you have nightmares?

Do you experience decreased performance? Or do you feel that your health is getting worse? Do you easily get sick or do you sweat the small stuff?

Do you want to find a simple and quick solution for everyday life to easily and comfortably improve your health and preserve the relaxed state during even work, relaxation, travel or sport activity?

Do you want to find a way to effectively ease your stress and its related harmful consequences? Introducing a 21st century health promotion device, VITALMOBIL that is close at hand at any time!

As a result of industrialization and urban lifestyle in the 20th century, people do not receive the Earth’s natural magnetic energy; however, they live in an atmosphere that is loaded with electromagnetic radiation, which has harmful effects on our body and health. Computers, mobile phones, radars, TV and even electro smog weaken the immune system, causes cardiovascular diseases, weaken the body’s natural defense system over a long period of time that may result in the development of different diseases and sleeping disorders. That is why it is essential to find solutions in the field of health promotion to easily, quickly and comfortably reduce the possible risk resulting from environmental pollution, stress, inappropriate diet and reduced physical activity.

First the researchers of NASA noticed that there is a change in the astronauts’ metabolic processes as soon as they leave the natural, ground electromagnetic atmosphere. Later, electrotherapy was used to improve bone structure. During the last decades new solutions have received more attention and became the focus of researches of both complementary and alternative medicine that provide an opportunity to improve health and prevent diseases considering the body as a whole.

How does VITALMOBIL work?

There are two basic forms of controlling biological processes: control and regulation. Control is a one-way relationship where the control center operates the subordinated system or systems through information. In this case, the controlled system does not influence the center’s function. In contrast, regulation is more complex process, where there is an active relationship between the center and the controlled system. Every system has a characteristic value, a so-called set-point that is continuously controlled by the center and if necessary the ‘actual’ value is reset to the ‘optimal’ value. For this, continuous control and feedback are necessary that is a continuous communication must exist between the center and the controlled system.

The weak and extremely low frequencies that are assigned to the programs of VITALMOBIL device have a positive effect on both the self-controlled and controlled systems. We can stimulate either the whole body or just parts of it depending on how we feel in the actual moment; or we can pay more attention to certain areas taking into account our physician’s or natural healer’s recommendations. With artificial bio resonance, the imbalanced cell oscillation can be influenced and re-balanced, cells receive an external communicational instruction that they could not, or just slowly would be able to implement. By restoring the disharmonic status, processes can start from the cells’ level, which bring the increased and overloaded stress factors as well as the function of the immune system to a healthy and balanced status

  • to increase the body’s energy supply as well as promote concentration;
  • organ optimization: to support the bio regulation processes of excreting organs as well as promote detoxification;
  • harmonization of the body: an entire ‘body-tuning’ with the harmonization of controlling and regulating systems including the important cell groups, tissues and organs. Recommended to accelerate regeneration as well as bring the mind and the body into harmony;
  • to promote meditation and relaxation: it is more and more difficult to relax under stress. With the program, you can relax or recharge even during the day or during work.

Re-tuning the body’s electromagnetic field offers new opportunities for a long life. With the regulation of biochemical reactions, aging processes can be slowed down, stamina, and mental and physical performance can be enhanced. By increasing the cells’ energy level, weekdays are noticeably more comfortable and harmonized, and you can be more successful in your personal life, school as well as your workplace.

"If we eat wrongly, no doctor can cure us.

If we eat rightly, no doctor is needed".

Victor G. Rocine

"If we eat wrongly, no doctor can cure us.

If we eat rightly, no doctor is needed".


Victor G. Rocine

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