New Special for the Month of August

Introduction to Vibrational Healing with Face Reflexology

1 hour session is only $65

You will receive Vibrational Healing with a Tibetan Singing Bowl. Ilona will clear your blockages by placing the bowl on you and work on your 7 chakras. The cells of your body senses the vibration of the bowl, which stimulates them to vibrate at their optimal rate. The energy blocks in the body occur at places of trauma or stress. The bowl’ vibrations pull the tangled blocks down and out the body. It’s rather like combing the tats out of long hair. With the vibration, the body has a change to heal not just on the physical level but on the emotional and spiritual level as well.

After the vibrational healing, Ilona will continue to work on your face. Our face has reflex points as well as we have them on our feet. Each reflex points corresponds to an organ in our body. By pressing these points will clear the blockages and with face reflexology your face will look much more radiant and healthier, like you just received a little botax without the chemicals.

Make your appointment by calling/texting Ilona at 860-604-3885, or e-mail her at [email protected]

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