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Welcome to my Website!




Our world has changed tremendously. We are not the same people anymore. We will get thru this and go to a much better world.

Be love and spread love, this is the key. Love will prevail!


My name is Ilona and I am so glad you found me. I am from Budapest, Hungary, the land of thermal water springs. My destiny took me to the USA where I have been living over 40 years. During the last 22 years, I have become very passionate about health, fitness and well-being. I believe in body, mind and spirit connection. I believe we are spiritual beings in a physical body. I believe, just like Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer and many other spiritual leaders that we create our own destiny, our own health, our own dis-eases. Our thoughts create our world. Our thoughts have power and we need to be aware of them and utilize them, not use them against ourselves. I started my spiritual journey with the yearning in my soul to find my true purpose for being here on Earth. This yearning has lead me on a journey of soul searching, many workshops, certification programs, lots of readings and self-discoveries.

I realized that this knowledge, this self-awareness, this enlightenment has no ending, there is always more to discover and to learn on my own personal healing journey...otherwise I would not be here anymore.



Training and Certification Programs:

2001 Silva Mind Control with Ken Coscia, CT

2002 Psych-K Balance, with Nikkea Devida, CA

2006-2010 Barbara Brennan Energy Healing with Barry Gordon, CT Healing Institute

2009 Quantum Touch with Maureen Stott, CT

2010 Laura Norman Foot * Hand * Ear * Face Reflexology, NY

2010 Usui Tradition Reiki I, Reiki II with Lynne McDonald, CT

2011 Quantum Balance, Budapest, Hungary with Gyula Veres

2012 Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with Chris Jacobs, CT

2012 Usui Tradition Reiki Master with Dory Dzinski, CT

2013 The Shaman’s Way of Healing with Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., MA

2013 Certified Angel Card Reader with Doreen Virtue, NY

2014 Vibrational Healing Using Tibetan Singing Bowls with Marie Menut, CT

2015 JourneyDance with Toni Bergins, MA

2016 AromaTouch Therapy with doTerra with Eileen Ladwig, MA

2016 Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Aromatherapy with John Odlum, CT

2018 Facial Rejuvenation with Wendy Payton, CT

2023 Acupressure with Chantal Guillou-Brennan, Integrative Energy Medicine, CT

All these healing modalities helped me to be the person who I am today, however, the most important thing I discovered is to love myself, to accept myself and be who I am. When you love yourself, you’ll be able to love other people and accept them with all their imperfection. Love is a powerful thing, without love there is no healing.


Come and take a journey with me to your sacred place, and discover your true self.







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